Benefits of Strawberry Fruit is Good for Body Health

In a way, strawberry is a versatile fruit. This bright red fruit filled with these spots can be eaten directly, juiced, put into fruit salad, or processed into other desserts, such as ice cream, candies, jellies, syrups, cakes, and others. But you wonder, what are the benefits of strawberries?
Benefits of Strawberry Fruit is Good for Body Health
Benefits of Strawberry Fruit is Good for Body Health

Various benefits of strawberries for health

1. Maintain eye health
Eye sight can worsen with age. Problems that can arise include dry eye, optic nerve degeneration, macular degeneration, visual disturbance, and increased risk of eye infections.

Strawberry fruit enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants - such as flavonoids, phenolics, phytochemicals, and elagic acid. The combination of vitamin C and antioxidants can help fight free radicals that can lead to decreased eye function. Therefore, foods high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, can reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Potassium content in strawberries is also believed to work to overcome the problem of ocular pressure in the eyeball, which can harm the eyesight.

2. Boost immunity
The immune system is the first line of defense as a protective body of various viral infections, bacteria, and various other dangerous potential. Vitamin C contained in strawberries boosts the immune system so you do not get sick easily. Vitamin C also has antioxidants, which help neutralize free radicals that can harm the body.

3. Treating joint pain and gout
Various problems of pain in joints and uric acid is one of the bad effects of free radicals. Strawberries can help treat this problem with its antioxidant content. It is said that eating strawberries every day can relieve joint inflammation.

4. Prevent cancer
Vitamin C, folic acid, anthocyanins, quercetin, and kaempferol are some types of flavonoids contained in strawberries that have anticarcinogenic effects. Therefore, this antioxidant content is believed to fight the growth of cancer-causing tumors. Consumption of strawberries every day has great benefits on the decline in the possibility of dangerous metastasis (spread) of cancer cells.

5. Improve brain function
Entering old age, memory and cognitive ability of the brain can decrease. Free radicals are the agents responsible for the aging. Exposure to free radicals received by the body causes the brain tissue to begin to decrease function and the brain's nerves weaken.

Fortunately, strawberries can help prevent the occurrence of the condition. Researchers from Harvard University conducted a study at Brigham and Women's Hospital to see that the increased consumption of anthocyanidins and flavonoids found in strawberries and other berries can counter memory decline.
6. Prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks
One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consumption of foods rich in anthocyanins such as strawberries can prevent high blood pressure. This effect is particularly noticeable in those most aged 60 and under. Anthocyanins are one of the powerful antioxidants that can fight free radicals. Presumably in those aged 60 years and over, damage to the blood vessels is too severe so that anthocyanins can not show the benefits.

Research conducted Dr. Eric Rimm points out that those who frequently consume strawberries and other berries have a lower risk of heart attack. Although not known for sure, anthocyanin is thought to play an important role in preventing heart attacks.

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