7 Foods For Your Compulsory Diet There is an Eating Menu

Food for diet should not only be able to make weight loss scales, but also can make the body stay healthy. For diabetics, the right diet is also important to keep blood sugar stable. Curious what kinds of foods to diet should you consume? Consider the following explanation.
7 Foods For Your Compulsory Diet There is an Eating Menu
7 Foods For Your Compulsory Diet There is an Eating Menu

Various foods for a healthy diet

1. Apple
Many people rely on apples as food for diet. This red or green fruit does have a good nutrient content and can help your business in reducing weight scales. In one small apple or about 85 grams, contained only 50 calories with 12 grams of carbohydrates.

While the fiber contained in it is a powerful water-soluble fiber that makes you last longer hungry. So, you can make apples as a distraction on the sidelines of eating time, in order to prevent you from eating excessive amounts of food. Apples also have a low glycemic index level that is safe for those who have diabetes, but want to control weight.

2. Broccoli
Broccoli can you count on as one of the foods for the diet. Because these foods have low calories, but rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. One glass full of broccoli contains 30 calories. Meanwhile, broccoli contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vdan vitamin A high. For fiber content, broccoli has a fiber of 5 grams that can help you full day.

Meanwhile, in people with diabetes, this type of vegetables can help control blood sugar levels. So, eating broccoli as much as possible will not make your blood sugar rise.

3. Oatmeal
Oatmeal can be said to be a daily diet in your diet. The article, consuming outmeal has been shown to help you lose weight. A study from the University of California conducted over the past 6 years has proven it.

In this study, it is known that people who always breakfast with oatmeal, have a lower body mass index than people who do not breakfast at all and groups of people who breakfast with other menus.

Oatmeal includes staple foods that contain high fiber and low glycemic index values. So, you can rely on it as a substitute for rice or noodles, and make blood sugar levels and well controlled weight.

4. Egg white
Egg white is a high-protein but low-fat dish, making it a good fit for your diet. Yes, in 100 grams of egg whites alone there is a protein of 10.9 grams. Meanwhile, for the fat is only about 0.17 grams. Because of low fat, you do not have to worry about this food will add to the pile of fat in the body.

Plus, the diet for this diet does not have a glycemic index value, because it does not contain carbohydrates, so diabetics can safely consume egg whites. But, still you should consume it in sufficient quantities and as needed ya.

5. Fish
If you want to lose weight, try to eat more fish. Fish tend to contain good fats that can help you lose weight. Unlike meat, fish have a type of omega-3 fats are good for brain health. Typically, these fats exist in deep sea fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel.

In addition, a study conducted in Sweden revealed that people who eat dinner is fish, tend to have an intake 11% lower than people who eat meat. Eating a sufficient and not excessive intake is also a way for diabetics to manage the disease.

6. Soup
Not only warm in the stomach, soup can also make you full longer. In fact, this has been demonstrated in a study reported in the journal Obesity of Research. In this study, it is known if eating about 300 ml of soup broth in two times a day, can make weight more easily down.

The soup is better used as food for the diet if added various types of vegetables in it. Of course, the food is so very suitable for consumption when you are on a strict diet and certainly does not make diabetes uncontrollable.
7. Low calorie snack
No need to leave the habit for snacking. Even if you have diabetes and are on a diet, you are not actually prohibited to eat a snack. But, snacks that you consume it should be low in calories and not containing sugar. Nowadays there have been many more fiber snacks.

If you want to drink coffee or tea, in fact there is also no problem. However, once again consider your sugar consumption. Should avoid using too much sugar. Or you can also use a low-calorie sweetener so do not worry about making weight up or even make blood sugar levels soar.

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