How to Masturbate in Women and Its Benefits Here

Although sometimes still considered taboo, masturbation in women is a normal sexual activity. Let's learn a fun masturbation technique for women!
How to Masturbate in Women and Its Benefits Here
How to Masturbate in Women and Its Benefits Here

Masturbation is the act of stimulating yourself by touching, touching, or massaging the sex organ itself. The goal is to achieve the pleasure and sensation of sexual satisfaction. Masturbation in women is generally done by touching and playing the clitoris and the area around the vagina. The clitoris is a small bulge at the front of the entrance to the vagina. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve climax in sexual intercourse. The clitoris is a very sensitive part that can bring strong feelings and sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation helps you understand what you like and what does not. Masturbation in women can help find out how to achieve orgasm. In contrast to masturbation in men who generally do from a young age, masturbation in women is generally done in adulthood.
In addition to touch and play clitoris by hand, masturbation in women can also be done by using sex aids, even by clamping or tightening the thighs with rhythmic movements. Some women can reach orgasm during masturbation without genital contact, by stimulating their breasts and nipples. Not all ways of stimulation lead to orgasm, because in essence, women enjoy every stimulation that is done and experience the pleasure that does not always culminate in the climax. Masturbation in women can be done in various positions, generally done with the position of stretching the legs or just by tightening the thigh tightly.

For beginners who do not know how to masturbate in women or for those who want to improve the knowledge of masturbation techniques, you can buy books related to masturbation guidelines in women. The books can provide a deep knowledge of the history, tricks and tips on masturbation in women.

To maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction, you may need to plan how and when to masturbate. To get started, make sure no one will interrupt your time during masturbation.
  • You can start with an aromatherapy bath. Apply the soap to the body thoroughly, then start stimulating the breast and nipples and your genitals.
  • After bathing, you can continue to stimulate your sensitive body parts by using lotions. Try to do it in front of the mirror so you get used to and know your spot or point of stimulation.
  • You can continue this masturbation session to the bedroom with your favorite music. Lie down by stretching your legs and using a mirror to see your intimate area. You can begin to stimulate your intimate area by using a safe lubricant. If there is no lubricant, you can use your saliva. Try to tighten and relax your pelvic floor muscles, and enjoy the sensation.
  • You can continue your masturbation by inserting several fingers into the vagina as well as stimulating the clitoris, breast, nipple or other body parts in turn. Feel the sensation until it reaches climax.
  • Do it casually and do not rush. You can do stimulation while imagining making love with your loved ones or even with celebrities in a beautiful and romantic place! You can also masturbate while watching a movie or see an erotic picture. Women are usually more passionate about words, so erotic novels can also increase women's sexual satisfaction while masturbating.
  • If the fingers are not enough, masturbation in women can be done by using a vibrator. Sexual aids are useful to help women get sexual satisfaction during masturbation.

Not as feared that masturbation in women or men will affect sexual performance or make sexual dysfunction. In fact, some experts believe, masturbation can improve sexual response by giving you a better understanding of your body and how to respond to each stimulus. Some women masturbate to relieve abdominal cramps during menstruation, even in some cases masturbation can make women fall asleep more quickly. Not only that, masturbation also has other health benefits, among others:
  • Helps reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • Relieves sexual tension.
  • Become a means of "safe sex," to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Improve the quality of sleep and help overcome insomnia or trouble sleeping.
  • Increase metabolism and stimulate the production of endorphins, brain chemicals that help relieve pain and stress.
  • Masturbation can activate the nerves of the genital organs, it is useful to fix the problem of drying fluid in the vagina that is often experienced by women with old age.
  • Masturbation with a partner can help you find what you like and not with stimuli provided, this will improve the quality of your sexual relationship with your partner.
  • For women who have difficult orgasmic problems, masturbation is one of the best ways to get it.
  • Masturbation can also help strengthen muscles in the pelvic and rectal areas, which can reduce the chance of incontinence and uterine prolapse.
Masturbation in women is a relatively safe sexual activity if done in the right way. But if you need advice and other knowledge about masturbation, you are advised to consult a doctor or sexual therapist in order to get the best advice.

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