Tomato Nutrition and Its Benefits

Tomato is one of the ingredients that are classified in groups of vegetables and fruits. This is due to the type of vegetable tomatoes and fruit tomatoes. Vegetable tomatoes have smaller sizes with more seeds, while fruit tomatoes have a larger size with thick meat. Plants are plants that are found almost all over the world, including in the State of Indonesia. Besides beneficial for tomato food ingredients can also be processed into fresh juice.

Tomato Nutrition and Its Benefits
Tomato Nutrition and Its Benefits

Tomatoes contain more vitamin C when compared with vitamin C content in citrus fruits. In addition to rich in vitamin C, this fruit also has vitamin A content that is very good for maintaining healthy skin and eyes.

Inside the tomato is also contained antioxidants that serve to counteract the occurrence of free radicals, accelerate the healing process and tighten the skin. It also has mineral content such as fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and carbohydrates and has vitamin content such as, vitamin A (carotene), Vitamin B (Thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Content of Tomato Nutrition / Vegetable and Its Benefits for Body Health

After knowing what the nutritional content contained in the tomato, the following will explain the benefits of tomatoes for health.

1. Neutralize Free Radicals
Tomatoes contain vitamin A and vitamin C that serves to neutralize free radicals that influence as a body health guard.

2. Maintaining Eye Health
Inside this fruit there is also a vitamin A content of 1500 SI. With the content is very good to maintain eye health and sharpen vision. Vitamin A will form the convective molecular signals that will be received by the retina into the projection of the image to be submitted to the brain to respond more quickly.

3. As Anti-Flamation / Anti-Inflammatory
Tomatoes have properties as anti-flamation / anti-inflammatory so as to prevent and cure inflammation, such as inflammation that occurs due to acne.

5. Prevents Blood Clots
This fruit has a seed content that has a gel. The content serves to prevent blood clots in the body. Blood that clot will cause stroke and heart attack. This is due to the presence of blocked blood flow so that the process of blood flow becomes slower and causes the body will lack blood supply.

Tomatoes are natural ingredients that are safe to eat. Readers of course already know that natural ingredients such as tomatoes are safer to consume than taking drugs that contain lots of chemicals. Eating a lot of long-term medications is also not good for the health of the body. After knowing the nutritional content and its benefits, it is advisable to consume tomatoes wisely.

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