Nutritional Content of Chicken and Health Benefits

Chickens are animals classified in groups of poultry, these animals are very easy to buy in Indonesia because many sold in the market. Chickens are birds that have been long consumed and farmed since thousands of years ago. Until the 19th century, chickens are still preserved for the purpose of meat and eggs taken. In the 20th century, people in those days have made chicken farming in large and small scale. Chicken breeding in large scale can produce a lot of chicken variants, such as English chicken, Asiatic, American, Mediterranean, Plymouth Rock, Black Chocin, New Hampshire and so forth.
Nutritional Content of Chicken and Health Benefits
Nutritional Content of Chicken and Health Benefits
Chicken meat has health benefits because in chicken meat contains vitamins, minerals and high protein. Eating chicken meat is also believed to lower blood pressure, help diet programs lose weight, control cholesterol and prevent cancer risk.
Nutrition of Chicken Meat per 100 grams

Chicken meat has a high enough protein content. Protein contained in chicken meat in the form of amino acids. Amino acid itself serves to build muscle in the body. Then, in 100 grams of chicken meat contained 18 grams of protein. In addition, chicken meat also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. The content can complement the nutritional intake required by the body.

For vitamins in chicken meat consists of several types, there is vitamin A that serves to maintain eye health and sharpen vision. Vitamin B plays a role to overcome and prevent cataracts, maintain the immune system, digestive system, nervous system, and can overcome heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Vitamin D plays a role to help the absorption of calcium and strengthen and nourish the bones.

Mineral content in chicken meat consists of iron and phosphorus that serves to prevent anemia, maintain the health of the brain, bones and teeth and can menacar metabolic system of the body.

The Benefits of Chicken for Body Health
Not until there, chicken meat also has the following benefits:
  1. Reduce the Risks of Cancer
  2. Reduce the Risk of Cholesterol Deposits
  3. Controlling Blood Pressure
  4. Relieve Flu Symptoms
  5. Lose weight
After knowing the nutritional content and the benefits of chicken meat, the authors also advise to remain cautious when choosing and buying chicken meat. This is due to a rogue trader selling chicken that is not fresh. Then it is also important to pay attention to the right way of processing chicken meat so as not to damage and eliminate the nutrient content and its benefits.

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