Foods That Can not Be Consumed After Exercising

Foods That Can not Be Consumed After Exercising
Foods That Can not Be Consumed After Exercising
When doing heavy physical activity such as exercise, the body will lose a lot of energy and nutrients. Therefore, after exercising the body needs energy replacement foods that burn when exercising. Not all types of foods are well consumed after exercise because the wrong choice of body food will be difficult to restore the lost energy
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1. Snacks with saltiness
Foreign food is beneficial to increase potassium in the body that is lost through sweat when exercising. However, most snacks are high in calorie content and increase calories in the body. This will make the sport to be in vain. To replace the lost potassium you should consume bananas because there is a high content of potassium.

2. Chocolate bars
Despite having a good taste, chocolate bars are not recommended for consumption after exercise because the high caloric content will only make the exercise done to be in vain.

3. Sweet and carbonated drinks
Consuming a sweet and sparkling drink will only frustrate the dream to get the ideal body shape because of the high calorie content in it. In addition, carbonated drinks can also be bad for health if consumed continuously in a long time.

4. Junk food
All fast food or junk food contains high cholesterol and contains lots of fat that can disrupt the process of muscle formation of the body.

5. White bread
After exercise the body needs a lot of glycogen, while in white bread there is only carbohydrate content and no nutrients needed by the body after exercise.

6. Red Meat
Red meat is one of the most difficult foods to digest by the body so it can not be converted into a source of energy in a fast time.

If you do not want exercise that has been done to be in vain, avoid consuming these foods after exercise.

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