Danger Effects Often Warm Food with Microwave

Danger Effects Often Warm Food with Microwave
Danger Effects Often Warm Food with Microwave
In the midst of a busy life and for practical reasons, the presence of a microwave is a solution to warm up or cook food faster because it is enough to press the button, set the time and wait a while the food is ready for consumption. But behind the practicality, microwave provides side effects when used frequently because of the effects of wave radiation when the heating process takes place.
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1. Bring out carcinogens
The most fatal danger of using microwave to heat food is the emergence of carcinogenic compounds in food. Carcinogen is a dangerous substance that became one of the causes of the growth of cancer cells.

2. Destroying nutritional food
As much as any nutrient contained in a food, all of these nutrients will disappear instantly if you heat it up or cook it with a microwave. This is because the radiation waves emitted by the microwave when the heating process will change the molecular structure in the food, so that the nutrient content and nutrients in it will be reduced even will disappear.

3. Eliminate the nutritional content in breast milk
Heating milk with microwave will actually damage the nutritional molecules contained in it, even can lead to bacteria that can harm the baby.

4. Change the heart rate pattern
If you frequently consume foods that are heated with a microwave will make the heartbeat become irregular. Wave radiation from the microwave will have a direct impact on the body, including the heart.

5. Changing the blood composition
A study conducted by Dr. Hans Swiss Hertel found that changes in blood composition will occur in people who consume foods that are heated or cooked in a microwave. This is because the number of red blood cells will decrease, while the number of white blood cells and cholesterol levels will rise beyond the normal limits.

After knowing the dangers, should avoid excessive use of the microwave to avoid unwanted problems.

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