Danger due to Sleep Deprivation at Night

Sleep is a late activity that many do at night. Sleep activities can help to rest the body and mind because of the activities that are done all day. There are many harmful effects due to lack of sleep, one of which is bad for the health of the body. What needs to be known is that increased activity and unfinished work, sometimes requires us to stay up because work overtime, it will be bad for the health of the body because the body can not rest and consequently the body's performance can not work optimally.
Danger due to Sleep Deprivation at Night
Danger due to Sleep Deprivation at Night

Bad Risks & Consequences Sleep Deprivation At Night Every Day
Due to lack of sleep can also have an impact on death, because a study has conducted research on some people who sleep less with some people who do not eat. The results of the study have shown that the risk of susceptibility to illness and lead to death most will be experienced by people who sleep less. For that, on this occasion we will explain some of the dangers of sleep deprivation.
1. Worsens Body Health Conditions
Lack of sleep is bad for the health of the body. Various diseases will approach the result of lack of sleep, such as stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

2. The emergence of Obesity
When more often awake at night, it will tend to increase hunger. The hunger is always wanted to be channeled so that it will cause obesity or overweight with excessive weight.

3. Increased Stress
Lack of sleep will also have an impact on increased stress. That's because the body and mind are too tired due to lack of rest.

4. Skin Look Older
The skin will quickly dull and pale due to lack of sleep, other than that the occurrence of fine wrinkles visible on the outer layer of skin.

5. Loss of Concentration
Lack of sleep can also cause loss of concentration. Like the disappearance of concentration, concentration while driving and will affect the lack of memory or become often forgetful.

Sleeping night is a daily habit that the body needs. So, be sure to always sleep enough considering there are enough risks and dangers due to bad sleep deprivation during the night.

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