3 Body Organs Damaged Due to Smoking

The sad fact about smoking is that many smokers know that their habits will be bad for health but many of them do not avoid and reduce the habit. After doing a lot of research and surveys, smokers have their own reasons why they can not avoid smoking. Some say smoking can eliminate the feeling of fatigue due to a lot of burden of the mind, some are argued to look more dashing and do not look ancient.
3 Body Organs Damaged Due to Smoking
3 Body Organs Damaged Due to Smoking

It's really funny because some of them reasoned that way. But there are also some smokers who say they have tried hard to avoid the habit, but need a gradual process by simply reducing smoking and can not immediately stop the habit.
The solution to overcome these problems is to grow self-awareness that smoking is a habit that can harm yourself and adversely affect the health and even cause death. We all already know in the packaging of cigarettes already contained images that creepy with various warnings, but still there are many smokers indifferent and not aware of the danger.

3 The Most Damaged Body Organs Due To The Dangers Of Smoking Habits by Active / Passive Smokers
On this occasion we will describe about 3 of the many organs that have a fatal risk due to smoking habits.

1. Lungs
Lung is an organ that has risk of damage caused by smoking habit. Diseases that will threaten these organs are, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and even tuberculosis.

2. Heart
The heart is the first organ to feel the bad effects of smoking. Continuous cigarette smoking will cause narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels. It will make the heart work harder to circulate the blood throughout the body so it is possible smokers may be affected by heart disease or stroke abruptly.

3. Kidney
The kidneys are also the internal organs that are threatened to be damaged if continue to do the habit of smoking will cause kidney cancer. The disease is the worst impact of smoking.

That was just some explanation about organs that have a fatal risk due to smoking habits. Actually not only the 3 important organs, but also body parts until the entire body becomes increasingly bad health. In addition both active and passive smokers will experience a lot of disease threats. For that for smokers, you should immediately switch off your cigarette forever, before cigarettes shut you down for good.

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