Wet Vaginal Causes That You Need To Know

Have you ever had a vaginal wet? Wet vagina is a normal condition in every woman. The cause of wet vagina in between you are in the fertile period (ovulation), when excited, or is experiencing vaginal discharge.
Wet Vaginal Causes That You Need To Know
Wet Vaginal Causes That You Need To Know

Generally, the vagina does remove the liquid that makes the vagina wet. The fluid is made by the glands in the vagina and cervix that serves to bring out dead cells and bacteria. This is what makes your vagina clean.

Causes of Wet Vagina

Almost every woman has a wet vagina. It is caused by several things, such as:

  • Ovulation or ovulation Ovulation is the release of mature eggs from the ovaries that occur during the menstrual cycle. Every woman has different or varying dates or times of ovulation. But generally, ovulation or so-called fertile period is often characterized by wet vagina, where there is an increase in the amount of vaginal fluid that comes from cervical mucus. In this state, you will experience a wet vagina. Ovulation or fertile period occurs when the liquid you have is clear and thin. If you want to have a baby, now is the right time to have sex with your partner. The mucus in the wet vagina can also be used as a natural contraceptive for couples who have not planned a pregnancy.
  • When excited When passionate, women need lubrication for sexual intercourse. That's why the vagina gets wet when you're passionate. When doing foreplay, vaginal fluids begin to be produced. It happens naturally and is useful to ease the penis into your vagina. Some women may experience ejaculation by spraying clear fluids from Skene's glands during orgasm. When excited not only marked with wet vagina, but clitoris and your breasts began to swell. Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing become accelerated. The amount of vaginal lubrication produced as a result of your sexual arousal, and occurs in every woman. Make sure you and your partner know the natural female stimulation techniques to make the vagina wet, so it can help ease the penis into the vagina.
  • Whitish Vagina wet can also be caused by vaginal discharge. Whitish is a natural condition for cleansing and protecting the vagina from infection and irritation. White color will vary and usually does not accompany itching and sore in the vagina. When vaginal discharge occurs due to infection, your fluids may be brown, greyish, green or like cheese. Other symptoms such as feeling itchy, sore, until the appearance of blister blisters in the vagina can accompany leucorrhoea. This abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by antibiotic drugs that can reduce the number of good bacteria in the vagina, pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, poor eating habits (including many sweet foods), hormonal imbalance, and others.
In fact, vaginal wet is very beneficial when you have sexual intercourse, as many women suffer with extraordinary discomfort due to dry vagina or not easy to lubricate. Not all women experience wet vagina, some of them have a dry vagina caused by several things, such as menopause, decreased estrogen and / or stopping hormone production, the presence of allergies, and others.
After knowing the information about wet vagina, you do not have to worry anymore. However, if the wet vagina does not occur or occurs excessively and accompanied by other symptoms of female organs, immediately consult a doctor to get treatment and treatment.

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