Factors Cause Delayed Coming Months

Factors Cause Delayed Coming Months
Factors Cause Delayed Coming Months
Coming months, menstruation or better known as menstruation is a natural cycle that is experienced by every woman of reproductive age. Menstruation is the discharge of blood from the core organs of women from unfertilized egg cell. Normally, each woman would have menstrual bleeding every month for several times.

The factors that cause delay in coming months
However, in certain circumstances sometimes period comes too late so can cause anxiety because they do not discharge menstrual blood can be used as one of the signs that a woman is to get pregnant. Though there are several factors that lead to menstrual late.

1. Mistakes When Counting The Days
Often women miscalculated the date of menstruation because not all women have the same menstrual cycle. Normally, the menstrual cycle will last for 25-35 days.

2. Sports Overload
Physical activity or excessive exercise will also affect the menstrual cycle. Usually this is often experienced by women athletes type of vigorous exercise such as marathon runners and weightlifters.

3. Weight Problems
Delays coming months may also be due to changes in weight. Normally, it is more common in women who are doing a diet so that his body will balance his physical condition so that the menstrual cycle becomes disrupted.

4. Changes in Routines
Changes in routine, such as living in a city or a new area that has different climatic conditions can also lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle and will be slightly delayed.

5. Stress
Emotions are rising and often feel stress will adversely affect the menstrual cycle so that it can affect the delay.

6. Disease
Several types of diseases such as endometrosis or disease associated with the female reproductive organs can also cause problems for the coming months too late.

7. Consuming Drugs
Women are too often taking certain medications such as pills Kb will also be having a devastating effect on the menstrual cycle.

Those are some factors that cause menstrual cycle becomes too late, but if this is often the case immediately to see a doctor to get proper treatment.