Cause of Vertigo and Vertigo Natural Ways to Overcome

Cause of Vertigo and Vertigo Natural Ways to Overcome
Cause of Vertigo and Vertigo Natural Ways to Overcome
Vertigo is a balance disorder that occurs in the inner ear so that sufferers often feel dizzy like the feel of being in the room spinning or felt I was floating. This disease shows that there is an imbalance in the body of the sufferer tone caused by hkerusakan vestibular labyrinth and the vestibular nerve or it could be caused by damage to the vestibular nucleus unilateral by vestibulocerebellar activity.

In general, the disease is caused due to hereditary factors as well as other factors such as migraine, a neurological disorder, intoxicated with alcohol, bacterial infections of the ears, impaired vision, lack of oxygen to the brain, stress, emotional stress, medications, and inflammation of the neck.

After knowing and understanding the cause, on this occasion will be explained about how to overcome the disease, vertigo, that is by doing some of the following exercises:
  1. Take the position of the body standing upright, then close your eyes and go back to do this way for 5 times.
  2. Facial movements by facing up, then lower slowly until ducked down and do it repeatedly for three times.
  3. Perform the exercises head, by tilting the head to the position of the left ear to left shoulder hold for a few seconds and then do the opposite direction and repeat each for 3 times.
  4. Sit with your spine straight with his eyes open and stood with eyes closed and repeat for 3 times.
  5. Practice kana- eyeball movement to the left and up-down eye open and repeat each direction each for 3 times.
  6. Next do the practice of eye muscle by following where the direction of a moving object and focus your eyes on a stationary object.
To obtain maximum results, do the movement every day on a regular basis by taking into account and avoid the cause except when caused by heredity